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Rubie Handbag

Join the AUSSEW-Along and make
this roomy handbag 

Version 1 - front

It’s common knowledge that a woman can never have too many shoes or too many handbags.

Version 2 - back
This simply stylish cross-body bag with its diagonal pleat accents and cuff top is perfect for your daily running around.  Under the cuff is a hidden slip pocket for your cell phone or keys.
If you find yourself needing a larger bag while shopping, just turn the cuff up and instantly you have a deeper bag with a lovely accent. The interior has a zipper pocket and a double slip pocket as well as a key fob.

The pattern comes with 3 versions for the back. You decide which version suits your needs best….whether it be with pleats like the front, with a set in zipper or a full back pocket. Make it your personal perfect run-around bag!

Version 3 - back
Version 1  has pleats on the front and back of the bag with a hidden slip pocket on the front.  The pattern instructions are directed at this version.

Version 2 has pleats on the front only with a hidden slip pocket and a flat back with zipper pocket.

Version 3 has pleats on the front with a hidden slip pocket and a wide back pocket on the back. *Version 3 is NOT recommended for faux leather due to the fact that all the layers would create a very thick seam allowance.

This sew-along is open to both ASG members and non-members so there is no need to register – just join in the fun.  Instructions will be issued here over 5 days, commencing 13 March 2017.  Lots of advance warning to start collecting everything you need.

The pattern is by Moments Design, available as a download, through Craftsy.  Some Moments Design patterns, including the Rubie bag, will be on sale for one week commencing 15 January 2017.

The sew-along will be geared toward making the bag from faux leather.  However, the pattern does include instructions for making the bag from fabric if you are a bit hesitant about tackling faux leather.  The very adventurous may wish to make their bag from real leather.  That's OK, just be aware that instructions do not include tips for working with leather.

Handbag Hardware Australia (ASG Industry Partner) are joining the party and selling kits with interfacing and all the hardware you will need to complete the bag. You can choose from silver or antique bronze hardware.  See the link below to order your kit.

Looking for good quality synthetic leather?  Try MeToo Please, another ASG Industry Partner.

Getting ready...

  1. First purchase your Rubie handbag pattern from Craftsy (downloadable pattern & instructions).
  2. Decide which version you are going to make (see options on page 3 of instructions).
  3. Refer to page 2 of the instructions for a list of materials.
  4. Purchase a kit from Handbag Hardware Australia (optional).  The kit contains the following:

    - 0.70 metre fusible interfacing (SF101 equivalent)
    - 3 x rectangle rings (you will use 2 rings to create your strap slider, rather than using a single slider)
    - 1 x magnetic snap
    - 7 x double cap rivets
    - 1 x small swivel clasp
    - 1 x strap end cap

    Be sure to enter discount code ASG10 when purchasing your kit.

    Note:  If you've been bitten by the handbag bug, you may already have a collection of suitable hardware.  Feel free to raid your supply.
  5. In addition to the hardware and interfacing you will need the following (red text is for versions 2 or 3):

    - 0.6 m exterior fabric - faux leather 130-140 cm wide (or 1.4 m cotton fabric, 112 cm wide, for version 3)
    - 0.25 m exterior accent fabric - faux leather
    - 0.30 m lining fabric, cotton 112 cm wide (additional 0.45 m for version 2 or 3)
    - 0.25 m accent lining fabric (for slip pockets), cotton 112 cm wide
    - 20 cm #3 zipper
    - 18 cm # 5 zipper for version 2
    - 0.45 m fusible fleece for version 3

    Refer to the pattern instructions for required amounts and zipper lengths.
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  1. This is perfect, and glad it starts in March, gives me time to get organised and a few projects finished.

  2. This gives us all a bit of time to get organised. I'm looking forward to seeing all the wonderful creations and hopefully creating one myself!

  3. I'm going to have to do it some other time (and I was SO looking forward to it too) as I will be going under the knife in March to have my foot reconstructed. It looks like a fabulous bag!