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Monday, 28 March 2016

Vicky's first impressions of the Guild

Hi, my name is Vicki Burns and I am a new member of the Australian Sewing Guild Inc.

I was introduced to the organisation two weeks ago when I was looking for a sewing course to do in my local area, Hornsby, NSW.  I Googled sewing teachers and a few names popped up so I chose one and made a phone call to a lovely lady by the name of Wendy. She explained to me that she was not doing classes at the moment but would I like to come along and join in with some of the ladies from the Australian Sewing Guild, Cherrybrook group?  Well, I jumped at the chance and thought this would be a great way to meet people and talk about everything sewing.

I met the Cherrybrook ladies the very next day and they were delightful and welcomed me with open arms, there were all different age groups there but there was one thing we all had in common, sewing!!

Wendy told me all about the Aussew website and all the different activities the Guild holds, so after my morning with the ladies I went home and got online and had a look at the the website and I found it so easy to use and everything she said was there, dates, days and times of activities, projects, newsletters and much more.  It was then I decided to join the Australian Sewing Guild.  I feel the Guild is a great organisation.

I am looking forward to joining in and having fun with my new sewing family, the Australian Sewing Guild and have already volunteered to go on the morning tea roster and to help at the upcoming NSW Industry Day as a volunteer.

Thanks for sharing your experience, Vicky! 
If you're interested in finding a sewing group in your local area, visit the ASG website to search for groups  or get in touch with the State Liaison Officer nearest you!

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