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Saturday, 12 March 2016

Tasmania sews for Goroka Hospital, PNG

During 2015, the Tasmanian Region undertook a charity project to assist the Neo Natal Nurses Inc in their quest to support Goroka Hospital and the Eastern Highlands Province in Papua New Guinea.

In the Province, women have often walked many kilometres to get to hospital for the birth of their baby, often bringing only a rug and one nightie for their babies and a nightie for themselves. Nights can be cold and generators unreliable and babies, particularly premature ones, need warmth.

The aim was to make sheets, bunny rights and nighties for the babies and to send some pants for the mothers. All Groups undertook to get behind the project. Logistics prevented one day where the whole Region joined together and so each Group worked individually and the result of their efforts were brought together at our Annual General Meeting.  

Nighties had to be made to a pattern provided by the Neo Natal Nurses Inc, with ties on one shoulder to allow easy access for tubes etc. in these little people and flannelette was the fabric of choice.

Everyone beavered away at their various tasks, with some Groups using a production line method and all having a fabulous time. Not only was it fun to get together for a common goal, it was rewarding to feel we were providing help where it was needed. Support was also given by some knitting friends who contributed colourful singlets and hats.

The count is in - the end result was 22 singlets, 126 nighties, 136 sheets/bunny rugs and 11 hats. Well done to everyone concerned!!

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  1. Very impressive ladies and they will be greatly appreciated.