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Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Sewing in Victoria - Join Us!

The state of Victoria has a number of Neighbourhood groups divided into three regions:- Northern Melbourne; South East Melbourne and South Western Victoria. The largest concentration of groups is in metropolitan Melbourne but there are groups in Geelong, Werribee and Bendigo.

An advantage of belonging to a group is the “hands-on” help one can receive in skill building and solving fitting and construction questions or problems. New techniques can be trialled, discussed and enhanced. Members are always willing to assist others with any question or problem. The wide skill base within a group is invaluable for support and help.

Groups cover any number of sewing related activities: dressmaking, machine embroidery, other forms of embellishment, and charity sewing for various organisations. Many charities require assistance with sewing items and groups are willing to volunteer to fill the need. Many groups have sewn for the children’s hospital, breast cancer support groups and for premature babies in intensive care, just to name a few. Some groups also hold fundraising activities to support charities.

Outside the square - a Melbourne based member who also belongs to a Doll Making organisation has used her needle skills, both hand and machine, to make some outstanding dolls. Her work has won her “Doll of the Year” for 2015. Just an example of where your skills can take you if you have the desire to focus outside what is considered “normal” sewing activities.

Sewing covers a wide spectrum of needle work and every genre is catered for within the guild. Along with learning new skills you will also form new friendships and enjoy the comradery that exists in all groups, each meeting is “social” as well as working.

Annual retreats are organised and members love to get away for two or three days to sew without the interruptions of daily home-life. Who could not love not worrying about meals and washing dishes, etc., a great way to produce as much (or little) as you wish.

More information about the ASG (including how to join) is available on the ASG website
To find a sewing group in your state, visit the Find Us page on the ASG website

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