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Saturday, 30 January 2016

Knitting up a Storm!

2015 was the 100th anniversary of the ANZACS.  The RSL, as part of this recognition, and after creating hundreds of red poppies, put out a call for the donation of handmade (whether that be knitted or sewn) beanies and scarves for our Australian Defence Forces posted overseas.  In WA, ladies celebrated their final contribution, with the organiser throwing herself into it and, onto the table!

ASG members rallied and met the challenge with great enthusiasm!  My dining room became the only place with enough room to store all the wonderful items that were collected by me or dropped off to me over several months - an example of the generosity and talent of our Australian Sewing Guild members!
When the time came for sending them off, there were 126 beanies and 31 scarves, which I packaged into boxes, along with Christmas cards and little trinkets! It took two days, but my heart was filled with joy and pride! And this was only what I sent off, there were many who sent them directly; the RSL confirming that we had helped them to well and truly meet their goal!

If the photos of representative members of the ADF; taken during a special handover ceremony in WA, are anything to go by, you can well imagine the Army, Airforce and Navy troops; so far from home for Christmas; in far flung and dangerous places, when they opened their parcels!  WELL DONE ASG!

Thanks to Wendy McKinnon, NSW State Liaison Officer, for sharing this story!

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