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Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Refashion Tips: Embellish a plain tee at the neckline

Recently we unveiled Castaway to Couture an an exciting, national refashioning competition, open to the public, ASG members & Red Cross people too! Castaway to Couture is brought to you by the Australian Sewing Guild Inc. in collaboration with Red Cross Shops. Entries are open and we have our resident refashioning genie, Judith Turner here, with the tenth in a series of tips. Take it away Judith.........

If you would like to make a quick change to a tee in under an hour, try one of these two alterations. The first is a plain orange tee. Tee 1 Orange

The necklace cost $2 and the tee around the same. You will need pliers to cut the end of the chain off. Tee 1a orange

It only requires hand stitching. Pin the neckline to the front section of the tee. Tee 1b orange. Allow the ribbing to stretch slightly as you pin, so that when it goes on over your head it will be stretched like it would without the necklace.

Hand stitch each link. I started from the center and worked out to one side, then back to the centre and out to the other side. Finished embellished tee Tee 1c orange.

The second tee was a plain black. I have so many of these in my wardrobe, but you might pick up a plain tee at Red Cross Shops and think; “I could embellish that”. Tee 2 Black

The lace I found in my stash which had been there for years. You will notice in the photo that it almost looks like it is gathered around the top edge. But when I have it on it sits flat with no gather. Best to pin whilst it is on your body so you get the right length from shoulder to shoulder. Tee 2a Black

I hand stitched it onto the ribbing. I also hand stitched the row below the top row. Tee 2b Black

And finally I used my hot fix glue gun and put black crystals around the neckline.

Happy altering

Judith Turner a.k.a genie

Keep an eye on this blog for more hints, tips and ideas! We want to keep you buzzing with ideas, so not only will you hear from Judith, we will have some inspirational blogs to check out. This week, we suggest checking out Refashionista, So, Zo and The Pineneedle Collective. Have a great week, we can't wait to see your entries!

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