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Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Refashion Tips: Converting trousers to a skirt

Last week we unveiled Castaway to Couture an an exciting, national refashioning competition, open to the public, ASG members & Red Cross people too! Castaway to Couture is brought to you by the Australian Sewing Guild Inc. in collaboration with Red Cross Shops. Entries open today, so we have our resident refashioning genie, Judith Turner here, with the ninth in a series of tips. Take it away Judith.........

Here’s a creative idea for you. Convert trousers to a skirt. Just a few steps and its all finished.

Unpick the inside leg seams. Lay the trousers out on your cutting table and pin two front panels together, then the two back panels. Stitch together using a large stitch that will easily be unpicked.

Try on. It might be helpful to have someone help you pin it to your body shape.

The only issue you may have is in the zip area. The lower half of the zip may need to be unpicked and taken in. This will depend on your body shape.

The trousers I did had two zips at the center back of each leg, so I left these in. The skirt will be a pencil skirt, unless it has a very flared leg. So having zips at the front or back will help with walking.

Here are some photos of the trousers I converted to a skirt.

Happy altering

Judith Turner  a.k.a genie

Keep an eye on this blog for more hints, tips and ideas! We want to keep you buzzing with ideas, so not only will you hear from Judith, we will have some inspirational blogs to check out. This week, we suggest checking out Recycled Fashion (Hi Erica!), Sew it Again and I love to Op Shop. Have a great week, we can't wait to see your entries!

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