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Monday, 13 April 2015

Refashion Tips: Adding lace to bodice

Last week we unveiled Castaway to Couture an an exciting, national refashioning competition, open to the public, ASG members & Red Cross people too! Castaway to Couture is brought to you by the Australian Sewing Guild Inc. in collaboration with Red Cross Shops. Entries open today, so we have our resident refashioning genie, Judith Turner here, with the seventh in a series of tips. Take it away Judith.........

This one is for all those well-endowed ladies out there.  I am a 16DD so finding a garment that is big enough to fit in the bust has always been an issue. 

Particularly since I am a size 16 bust but a 14 everywhere else.  That means altering almost all of the clothes that I buy.   

I found this really great negligee at a Red Cross Store and thought, “I love it”.  But I also knew it was not going to fit in the bust area (pic 1).

Also note that in photo 1 the dummy is closed at the front.  But in pic 2 I have opened the dummy to represent my bust size.  Once that was done, I pinned the lace to the negligee.  I used a scalloped stretch lace, and mitred at the front.  The straps had been folded and stitched, so I unpicked the stitching where I wanted to insert the lace, and it was just a matter of pushing the lace into the strap and closing it again.  Very simple and easy to do, because of the way the garment was constructed. 

Pic 3 shows the final alteration.  Whilst it was not a major alteration, sometimes it only takes just an insertion of lace of something to change it from plain to more elegant. 

Happy altering 
Judith Turner a.k.a genie 

Keep an eye on this blog for more hints, tips and ideas! We want to keep you buzzing with ideas, so not only will you hear from Judith, we will have some inspirational blogs to check out. This week, we suggest checking out Recycled Fashion (Hi Erica!), Sew it Again and I love to Op Shop. Have a great week, we can't wait to see your entries!

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