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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Refashion Tips: Lining up seams

Recently we unveiled Castaway to Couture an an exciting, national refashioning competition, open to the public, ASG members & Red Cross people too! Castaway to Couture is brought to you by the Australian Sewing Guild Inc. in collaboration with Red Cross Shops. Entries are open and we have our resident refashioning genie, Judith Turner here, with the fourth in a series of tips. Take it away Judith.........

In your quest to remodel a Red Cross garment, you may come across the need to add an extension which will mean lining up seams.  This can be tricky particularly if the fabric is a stretch or bulky fabric. I have clients who need to have extensions added to most dresses because of their height. 

Do not add the extension without unpicking the side seams and center back seam.  If an extension is added without the side or back seams unpicked first, it will be almost impossible to make it look like it was always like that.

Unpick the side and back seam and another other seams coming vertical down the garment.  Add the extension, then stitch the vertical seams closed.

Even if the fabric is not thick, there will be a degree of bulk, and that could mean that the horizontal seam may "move" and when turned to the right side the seams are out of alignment.

I have created a short video showing the technique I use to eliminate this problem. The video shows how to line up the seams using only a pin, and how to ensure that they are always even.  I have used my Jean Genie which is an invention of mine.  For more information on the Jean Genie send me an email – judith at

You may have a plastic alternative in your sewing notions stash.  As long at the foot is raised it should work.

Happy altering

Judith aka genie

Keep an eye on this blog for more hints, tips and ideas! We want to keep you buzzing with ideas, so not only will you hear from Judith, we will have some inspirational blogs to check out. This week, we suggest checking out Refashionista, So, Zo and The Pineneedle Collective. Have a great week, we can't wait to see your entries!

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