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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Sewing MAYhem: Highland to the Sea & Progging!

We are so excited to share this Sewing MAYhem Event with you all! It's fabulous to see the exciting things groups across the country are getting up to. If you want to check out what's on near you for National Sewing Month, just click here.

Nine members of the Highlands to the Sea Region celebrated Mayhem on May 2nd with a fact finding mission.  We car-pool to Milton to see what “Proggy” Rugs were and to visit the Rug Making Guild in NSW.  A fine morning tea greeted us on arrival and then we were able to ask lots of questions and see firsthand what “progging” was.  Basically it’s a form of prodding strips of used fabric into a backing to make wonderful designs in rugs for the floor or walls.

We were able to tell the “proggers” about the Sewing Guild and several thought they might even join the Mollymook group. After the viewing we headed to Mollymook Golf Club for lunch where the view is almost as good as the Gerroa group’s meeting venue.

To finish the day of course there were some shops to visit on the way home.  A lovely and informative outing and a way to further our art of sewing not to mention an avenue to pass on our scraps on for good use.

What are you doing for Sewing MAYhem (National Sewing Month)? Be sure to send us stories and pictures (we LOVE pictures) to, we would love to see you featured here!

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