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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Sewing MAYhem: Bankstown Dementia Fiddle Mats

Bankstown held a special meeting for Sewing MAYhem!  They invited Katie from Blacktown Hospital Dementia unit to join us so that she could collect the “fiddle mats” and aprons that we had made for the unit she works in at the hospital. For those not familiar with these mats, they consist of mats with different sensory items attached e.g. fabrics with differing textures, zip's, buttons and other fasteners and common household items. Patients sit and amuse themselves playing with the these items to stimulate them and give them something to while away the hours. Everyone enjoyed their effort at what became a fun task and it was amazing to see just what each member included on their articles.

Katie was “blown away” by our response to her request and was most appreciative of our effort especially as she could see we had been inspired to create interesting examples while managing to get a fair amount of amusement out of them ourselves.
After examining our handiwork and a display of some of our other projects Katie joined us for morning tea and gave us a talk on her work in the Dementia Unit and explained the difference between dementia and delirium. She was most knowledgeable and was able to educate us about many aspects of brain function.

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