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Sunday, 1 June 2014

Buderim was Buzzing for Sewing MAYHem!



Sue Holmstrom from the Buderim Neighbourhood Group reports:

In keeping with the Sewing MAYhem theme, the Buderim Neighbourhood Group held an Open Day on 17th May to introduce our Group to the local community and welcome anyone interested in joining the ASG. To advertise the Open Day, flyers were made and displayed in local fabric stores, notices were printed in the Community Newspapers and the day was advertised on local radio.

We had a fantastic display of garments, fabric bags, fabric flowers and quilts, with each Member contributing their various creations.

The day was fabulous with visiting ladies sharing morning tea and a chat with our Members about the creations on display, future projects and projects our Group have been involved with in the past, such as making cot covers for premature babies in hospital and attractive bags to allow mastectomy patients to carry drainage bottles.

All-in-all the day was very successful and the “buzz of enthusiasm” in the room was so inspiring that we arranged a “road trip” for the following week to visit The Fabric Store in Brisbane for their “one-day 30% off sale”. What an “awesome” day that was!

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  1. Such lovely garments. Can you please tell me What pattern is the pink/black print dress. (fourth picture down) Thank you